Personal Data Protection Law Compliance Consultancy Service Duration and Scope

As Ekol Certification, our expert consultants working on compliance areas within the scope of personal data protection law can provide you with the most effective service in our country. Our company, which provides technical consultancy services for companies working in the field of personal data protection, successfully carries out all the necessary compliance studies for you. All obligations and principles stipulated by the relevant law within the scope of KVKK compliance include determining the processing of data belonging to real persons of companies in our country and establishing the whole process in accordance with the law.

In the event that companies serving in our country have contact with any data, we carry out the necessary studies to examine all stages of personal data activities, from entering the data to the companies or to anonymization, to determine the status of the relevant activities and to create personal data inventories. At the same time, as a result of the legal compliance assessment in the KVKK, the preparation of the necessary report, the elimination of the emerging incompatibilities and risks, and the suggestion of all actions are provided through Ekol Certification.

Our company ensures that you take all the actions and ensures that the necessary legal texts are prepared. During the preparation of KVKK procedures and texts, the fields of informatics, law and process consultancy should act in a common way. Lawyers, process consultants and security professionals operating under Ekol Certification will provide you with the best service. You can contact us immediately through our website to get the necessary information about KVKK and to get the answers to your questions.

You can contact us for step-by-step KVKK consultancy, legal support and training. As Ekol Certification, we manage your KVKK compliance process with our expert staff, offer verbis registration consultancy service, and at the same time obtain your explicit consent and communication permissions for the processing of personal data in electronic environment.


First of all, we offer awareness trainings within the scope of the Law on Protection of Personal Data. Legal obligations are informed for the personnel of the companies who are processing personal data, and a sense of responsibility over personal data is created for your personnel. Within the scope of all our activities, the processes that your in-house service personnel should pay attention to regarding the use of data are explained and trainings are given.

Right after, we move on to the specialty training phase. At this stage, we continue to meet with the company´s data experts for the processing of personal data and trainings are provided. The KVKK process is transferred to your data experts practically and theoretically. Ekol Certification provides a detailed training on the stages that your data control personnel should pay attention to, periodic checks of your personnel during the use of the data, and other in-house audit systems.

If you want to get service in the field of KVKK and benefit from our activities, you can call our numbers on our contact page immediately.

As Ekol Certification, we make your company compliant with the relevant legislation step by step and we do all the necessary operations on your behalf.

Benefits of Personal Data Protection for Your Company

* Your corporate reputation will increase,
* The satisfaction of your customers will increase and increase,
* Your company will have an effective power in the competitive market,
* You will be a company suitable for the processing of personal data on a daily basis and in accordance with the laws,
* You will not encounter administrative and criminal sanctions imposed by laws,
* You will fulfill all your obligations required for the company.

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KVKK Compliance Consultancy

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