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We would like to get into the subject especially from his short film Save Ralph. This short film about animal experiments has been watched millions of times around the world and raises some questions about many cosmetic brands. Is there any animal testing on the cosmetic products you use? When we listen to the information about the experiences of an experimental rabbit in the movie Save Ralph, it is known that some certificates are sought in many brands in order to eliminate the question marks in mind about animal experiments and tests. The first of these certificates is the PETA CERTIFICATE.

Before moving on to the details about the Peta certificate, let´s watch the SAVE RALPH short film together again.


PETA, an animal rights organization known as People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), which takes the initials of the English words, is the world´s largest organization with an estimated 2 million members and many supporters. animal rights group. Established in 1980, PETA is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization financed by all its members. It has offices not only in America, but also in South Africa, Canada, India and many European Union countries. When we look at the organization, we primarily focus on 4 issues.

* Factory Farming
* Fur Farming
* Animal Tests
* Use of Animals for Recreational Purposes

The Peta organization is also known for its counter-campaigns in the killing, shackling, captivity, dogfights, cockfights, bullfighting, etc. of animals.

Within the scope of some logos and certificates on cosmetic products, the PETA logo may have caught your eye. You can get support from Ekol Certification if you want to have the PETA certificate for the cosmetic products you produce and if you want to include the logo of the world´s largest animal rights defender organization on your product packaging.

Even though PETA has the most cruetly free brands, it is known to have different standards. In order to obtain a Peta certificate, a document must be signed stating that you will not test on animals for the products and ingredients you produce, and that your suppliers cannot request such a thing. There are hundreds of brands with Peta certification. To get information about these brands, you can call our phone numbers on the contact page of our website.

What is Cruelty Free Label?

The Turkish equivalent of this label is the cruelty-free label. As Ekol Certification, with this label, which supports the chain of life, you certify to your consumers that this product is produced without cruelty to animals and without testing animals. The process starts with the application you make to our company. After the first application of this program, which is generally test-oriented, the product is registered and certified after the Ekol Certification accredited laboratory tests.

Those who want to have the Peta certificate and include the CRUELTY FREE Label on their products should call the Ekol Certification phone numbers.

Call us to learn more and get a quote about this rare service in Turkey.

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