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SEDEX is a trading community that aims to develop organizations in the supply chain in ethical trade. In other words, it is an audit system designed to help supply chains improve their performance. It is also the world´s largest collaboration platform, a non-profit organization, responsible for supply chains by 40,000 members in more than 150 countries. It was founded in the UK in 2001 by a group of retailers. Regardless of the supplier or purchaser, there are certain criteria that companies must comply with in order to obtain the SEDEX Audit. The general name of these criteria is SMETA. SMETA, which forms the basis for SEDEX Audit, is constantly evolving within itself, in line with its purpose. In this way, it is updated according to the problems brought by time and the developments that have emerged.

SEDEX is an online database that can help identify, manage and mitigate ethical risks in the global supply chain. The purpose of SEDEX Audit is a solution to minimize hazards, protect the image of the company, and communicate and support supply chain activities. It is the largest and most important common platform for information sharing in the ethical supply ring. It stores data on responsible business practices and allows ethical performance information to be shared with multiple Brands and Customers. Participating companies can connect to a common database to the Sedex system, join the studies and contact the members. Analysis reports of companies that are subject to ethical social compliance reviews are also open to other member companies and supply rings are formed in this way. The preparation time for the SEDEX audit varies from business to business. But to give an average time, our customers are ready for inspection in 3 to 8 weeks as fast as possible. It happens in our companies that intensify the transactions according to the expectations and needs of our customers and are audited within 1 month.

The advantages of SEDEX Audit for the business are listed as follows;

* A corporate identity in market share
* To gain an advantage over competitive companies
* International sustainability
* Increased motivation and confidence of employees
* Decrease in work accidents
* Being a leader in the field of quality
* Increasing supplier loyalty

While improving supply chain standards, it alleviates the audit burden on suppliers by sharing audit reports. SEDEX provides progress and improvement in business ethics and responsibility practices in the global supply chain. SEDEX is the most effective and simple way to manage ethical and responsible practices in your supply chain. It is a report in which many main points such as occupational health and safety, quality department, human resources, supplier relations, purchasing, environment are audited within the framework of business ethics.


Sedex Audit is carried out by approved audit firms. As a result of this inspection, a Sedex certificate is not issued, a Sedex number is given instead of a Sedex certificate. Compliance with Sedex standards is checked during the audit. Audit reveals the success or failure of the firm in the field of social responsibility. The audit is planned and supervised through Sedex documentation audit, human resources applications, occupational safety practices and international labor standards applications. The resulting nonconformities are uploaded to Sedex system as an online report. Thus, supplier companies can enter the system with Sedex number / code of the companies they want to purchase, and examine whether the company they will purchase from is in compliance with Sedex standards.

SEDEX Audit regulations and regulations are listed below;

* Labor Law No. 4857
* Law No. 6331
* Environmental Regulations
* OHS Regulations
* International ILO Principles
* SEDEX Platform Rules

Businesses that are members of the SEDEX Platform store, share and report information in 4 main areas. These 4 main areas are;

* Employee (Worker) Standards: "The issues to be considered in worker standards are legal working hours, equal treatment of all employees, leaves, legal requirements of EU standards, ethical standards and equal rights, as well as not employing child labor, harassment and abuse."
* Health and Safety: "To regulate the duties, authorities, responsibilities, rights and obligations of employers and employees in order to ensure occupational health and safety at workplaces and to improve existing health and safety conditions and to implement them."
* Environment: "Working in accordance with environmental laws, regulations and standards, protecting the environment and spreading this principle to all employees, the environment, the country and the world."
* Business Ethics: “Business ethics are the set of rules that all employees in the business must comply with. And senior management should set and implement policies, including itself. "

Members are prepared for audit to make a statement of performance on four main areas. Firms that may be involved in the supply chain through auditing should fulfill their duties exceedingly.


SEDEX is a report formed as a result of the audit. You can think of it as your company´s report card. Nobody wants to have major nonconformities as a result of the report. It is in favor of your company that you receive accurate, effective and efficient consultancy for SEDEX audit. In this regard, we, as EKOL Certification Body, support our quality team.

Issues we deal with as Ekol Certification in SEDEX Consultancy;

* Offer request contract transactions
* Current situation analysis (previous audits by the company, if any)
* Human Resources legislation (Making the company compliant with the law no 4857)
* Occupational health and safety legislation (brought by Law No. 6331)
* Environmental legislation
* SEDEX documents (Policies, Procedures, Instructions, Forms)
* Inner control
* Making an audit decision

“SEDEX offers internationally accepted and globally applicable audit formats. It also improves your image by showing your customers and partners that you are committed to ethical and socially responsible business principles. As EKOL Certification body, we assist you with SEDEX service with our expert team. You can contact us. "

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