Social Compliance Consultancy

It is possible to get information and support from Ekol Certification company for the social compliance audits carried out to determine and improve the working conditions required for the manufacturers of large companies and brands in the supply chains. In our globalizing world, corporate social compliance audits are decisive for the suppliers of famous companies that can operate in almost every country of the world due to the ever-developing technology and consumer awareness.

It is aimed to take control of many global brands from the procurement stage of the raw materials used in their commercial products to the consumers, and the companies operating in these stages to act in accordance with many laws and at the same time in accordance with the physical, social and environmental conditions. In social compliance consultancy services and audits, your company is audited according to the list included in the customers´ audit controls and reporting with appropriate evidence. Customers make their decisions based on the relevant audit report and their data are entered into the database.

Every company that wants to be successful in social compliance audits should first of all pay attention to workers´ wages, working hours and attitude towards their personnel. There are many different combinations and details of social compliance audit systems. The criteria for the relevant details may differ according to each audit sector.

You can get support and consultancy service from Ekol Certification firm for all social compliance audits. The headings of the social compliance audits we offer are as follows;

* WRAP Consulting
* FSC Consulting
* ILS Consulting
* GOTS Consulting
* GRS Consulting
* URSA Consulting
* INDITEX Consulting
* DISNEY FAMA Consulting
* ETI (Ethical Business Initiative)
* Workplace Conditions Assessment (WCA)
* BSCI Consulting
* SEDEX Consulting

To get information about all these consultancy services, you can click on the service title or visit our contact page and get information from the competent consultants of Ekol Certification.

In social compliance audits, it is very comfortable on behalf of the professional teams working together with the International Labor Organization (ILO) in accordance with national or international worker safety laws and regulations. Labor law, occupational safety laws, occupational health and safety regulations, international labor organization laws and regulations, compliance with the procurement rules of companies, and situations in the interviews of workers are taken into consideration. With the consultancy service you will receive, you can have information about all these issues and you can choose Ekol Certification for successful completion of any social compliance audit you want to achieve.

Social Compliance Audits Consultancy

All of the above mentioned social compliance audit services are renewed almost every year and new titles are added to keep up with the globalizing world. It is almost impossible for you to be qualified without professional support in social compliance audits, which include many criteria. Ekol Certification can offer you the necessary social compliance audit consultancy services at the most affordable prices in this field. We ensure that the planning and execution of your company´s business for social compliance services and the process parts of all necessary stages are accelerated. At the same time, it is provided by Ekol Certification in your in-house employee training. In this service to be provided by Ekol Certification consultants, the necessary steps are taken in a short time.

The most important elements in social compliance audits;

* Environment
* Child labor
* Forced labor
* Working hours
* Discrimination
* Payments and rights
* Collective bargaining freedoms and unification
* Occupational Safety and Health
* Fight against bribery and corruption
* Disciplinary practices

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