Sustainability is necessary for the continuity of production and diversity, as well as for human life and nature to be permanent. People should be able to meet their own needs without compromising the needs of those who will live in the next period. In 1987, a report called OUR COMMON FUTURE was published by the World Commission on Environment and Development under the UN. The details of this report were frightening for the future and it was necessary to take action as soon as possible. Due to the acceleration of industrialization in the world and the increase in population, some problems occur. The report published by the World Commission on Environment and Development includes the negative effects of economic development and globalization on people and the environment. The most important detail in this report, which is a warning, is the ozone hole that scientists first detected on Antarctica in 1984.

The definition of sustainability in our Common Future report is as follows;

"Humanity; It has the ability to make development sustainable by meeting daily needs without compromising the ability of nature to respond to the needs of future generations.”


We all know that we are at risk of depletion of the resources and environment on earth as a result of human steps. In these times when we are approaching the border, steps to be taken in order to be a sustainable world and for resources to be self-renewable are important. Environmental protection is important. Our present and future depend on our natural resources on earth. Steps should be taken to bring these natural resources, which are not endless and are nearing the end, in order by establishing a balance. In this context, Ekol Certification provides sustainability consultancy services to companies and individuals. You can get support from us so that diversity and productivity can continue. Without a disruption in the life cycle, continuity can be ensured and businesses are required to take the necessary steps to secure the future.

There are 3 basic components related to sustainability. These are known as social development, economic growth and environmental protection. A balanced management system is required for a better world and sustainability in sustainability.


The quality of life, education and health must be satisfactory for every society. In this context, it is necessary to support social development. With the acquisition of enrichment and empowerment in human relations, it is ensured that companies reach their goals individually and as a group.


Economic growth is important in order to make individuals prosperous by giving value to the environment and without harming the environment. Focusing on economic growth and increasing the peace and welfare of people in direct proportion to the increase in the consumption of goods and services are aimed here.


The most basic principle is the protection of the environment and nature. We should know that all of the resources in our environment and nature are exhaustible, and we should approach the environment and nature with rational approaches. We can consider ecosystem integrity and resilience under the environmental protection component.

For corporate sustainability and sustainability consultancy, you can get answers to all your questions from our customer representatives by calling our phone numbers on our website.

Combating global warming is among the most important in sustainability. Within the scope of combating global warming, necessary steps must be taken for a healthier and more peaceful world. When we look at all the natural resources in the world, it is thought that natural resources are still enough for the whole world if there is no outside intervention. However, we are faced with the consumption of our natural resources as a result of the consumption that occurs due to the indifference of countries, companies and people. It is in our hands to be a society that embraces the importance of sustainability and to shape our lives accordingly. It is necessary to reach a sustainable future by taking the right steps in lighting, heating, cleaning, nutrition, etc.

With the support you will receive from Ekol Certification, it is possible to identify problems, perform analyses, present analysis reports to your company, and integrate sustainability steps into your management system. Determining the necessary strategies for you to achieve financial success is provided by our company.


We make your competition policy sustainable with the most innovative methods and ensure that your sustainability in your value chain is effective by ensuring that you can be managed systematically in your fields of activity. You can call Ekol Certification to have a good sustainable policy for your business.

By getting sustainability consultancy from our company, you can take part in sustainable companies, benefit from corporate reporting, get the best and highest grades from rating systems for your company, and continue your activities more actively for a better world. We identify and meet your needs in management and sustainability strategies for your brand. We offer many services to make you a transparent and responsible company. We will provide the necessary trainings for sustainability, examine and develop the procedures in your management systems, know the risks related to global warming and climate changes and evaluate all the opportunities, determine your company goals in this area and follow the processes in stakeholder participation. We know all the priority issues of sustainability and apply them to your company together with the value chain management.

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