TS EN 15224 Health Services Quality Management System

TS EN 15224 Health Services Quality Management System is designed for institutions providing medical services and organizations operating in the field of health. Thanks to this system, you will understand the importance of quality in the health system. Improvements and improvements in quality in healthcare organizations are important.

The most basic requirements in this standard actually have the same features as ISO 9001. However, on the basis of this standard, which includes some specific definitions for services in the field of health, health, care in the previous periods of hospitals, services of hospitals, third health services, services in nursing homes, hospices, care services for mental disabilities, those who provide services in the field of preventive health, dentists, It is a management system standard that can cover all institutions related to health, such as physical therapy service providers, rehabilitation centers and pharmacies. Thanks to the TS EN 15224 Health Services Quality Management System, quality is included in the health institution. The definition of quality in this sector actually passes through efficiency, effectiveness, fairness and acceptability. Organizations operating in health services need to be open to improvements in order to be successful.

What is TS EN 15224 Health Services Quality Management System?

Developments in the field of health have reached a different dimension with the advancement in technology. The health sector, like all other sectors, has been in a development. All healthcare organizations can be included in TS EN 15224. TS EN 15224, which is a special quality management system standard for institutions in this sector, includes some health sector-specific conditions.

Risk management and patient safety appear as the most important detail in the TS EN 15224 Health Services Quality Management System and stand out one step further.

All legislation within the scope of this standard, within the scope of all legal regulations, provides benefits to institutions that want to show their skills so that the demands of customers who apply to the health institution can be met, and the quality requirements are covered by the TS EN 14224 standard. This standard provides your company with a systematic approach in areas such as compliance, correct care services, information-based care services, continuity of care, efficiency, efficient service, right to equality, patient participation, patient safety and accessibility. A stand-alone TS EN 15224 quality management system can be established for health institutions, but the integration of the system will be much easier with the ISO 9001 certificate that should be in each of these institutions. As Ekol Certification, we can only bid for the TS EN 15224 Health Services Quality Management System to our visitors, and we can offer a package with ISO 9001 to those who wish.

Benefits of TS EN 15224 Health Services Quality Management System to the Health Sector

In TS EN 15224, which has many benefits for businesses in health services, primarily the planning and control of the health services of the institution is provided. Thanks to this standard, which allows better management of processes in health institutions, many errors are reduced and the costs of the institution are reduced.

Since TS EN 15224 Health Services Quality Management System is known as a completely risk-based system, controls and risk managements in institutions providing health services will be achieved and some conditions will be completed in order to reach new corporate customers in those who have this certificate. At the same time, thanks to TS EN 15224, you will be able to open your doors to new customers in the field of health tourism, and you will create trust for your customers, especially from abroad.

Another detail within the scope of the Benefits of the TS EN 15224 Health Services Quality Management System for the Organization is the increase in the productivity of your staff and the doctors in charge, and the increase in their motivation. This standard will be a big step forward for you to prevent legal proceedings and sanctions. In terms of high prestige and corporate prestige, you should be included in TS EN 15224 Health Services Quality Management systems. As Ekol Certification, we provide our services to all health institutions operating in our country at the most affordable prices and ensure that this certificate is obtained in a short time.

What is the Scope of Health Services Quality Management System?

If it is necessary to take a look at this scope within the information explained, let us convey the relevant scope fully and clearly without breaking its order;

Appropriate Care: Treatment according to the degree of minor complications in the patient or according to a therapist´s assessment
Accessibility: Health services are accessible and accessible,
Continuation of care: monitoring and control after care and treatment,
Efficacy: Treatment for the patient as soon as possible,
Efficiency: Obtaining the best results with the least amount of resources for the patient,
Equality: Giving the same service to every patient,
Evidence: Documentary and evidence-based treatment,
Physical and Psychological Support: Providing physical and psychological support with the consent of the patient,
Patient Informing: Informing the patient at all stages of treatment
Patient Safety: Description of all risks associated with health operations
Timely Availability: Healthcare without unreasonable waiting times.

As Ekol Certification, we assist you in answering all your questions about TS EN 15224 and obtaining the relevant document. You can call our numbers on our website in order to get information about this document you are examining and to get an offer for the most appropriate TS EN 15224 document.

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