TSE Certification


TSE, which is a certificate of conformity to Turkish Standards issued by the institution named Turkish Standards Industry; It is a document issued to determine the production competence of institutions and organizations or the conformity of the products to the specified standards. The validity period of the TSE certificate is 1 year. With this practice, which has the quality of product certification for brands since 1964, it is aimed to encourage producers to produce in accordance with quality and standards. On the other hand, thanks to the TSE certificate, it is aimed to protect the safety of life and property in consumers.

TSE Certificate analyzes a product and analyzes its conformity. The presence of a number next to the TS letter on a material (for example, TS 1523) is a document showing that the product is manufactured in appropriate standards and conditions. However, if there is a TSE product quality control emblem and number on a product, it means that the manufacturer is the company that deserves to have the TSE Certificate by creating all the standards and needs. Since the TSE Certificate brings a certain efficiency, order and standard to the consumer and financial life, it has an impact on national development and productive life. With the Regulation on the Application of Turkish Standards signed on 7 November 1959, the issues of putting the standards into operation were clarified.

What are the Benefits of TSE Certificate?

* Decrease in cost - increase in trade,
* Easy to reach the market, speed in the market,
* Confidence in the eyes of the consumer, Safe product guarantee,
* Advantage in public and private sector tenders.
* Decrease in cost - increase in trade
* Ease of access to the market
* Speed ??in the market
* Trust in the eyes of the consumer
* Safe product assurance
* Advantage in private sector and public tenders

TSE Product Certification

Certification of a product is a means of providing assurance for the product´s compliance with special standards and other norm documents. Some product certification systems include the initial testing of the product and the evaluation of the product supplier´s quality systems, followed by periodic control that takes into account the factory quality system, testing samples taken from the factory and the free market. Product certification systems are carried out in accordance with TS EN 45011 General conditions for certification bodies that make product certification. This standard specifies the necessary rules for certification bodies to operate third-party certification systems consistently and reliably, thus facilitating their acceptance on a national and international basis and thereby developing international trade.

Firms that want to produce or market within the framework of quality standards must apply with some documents while they want to obtain a TSE certificate. First, a document showing the existence of the institution or organization for which quality standards are to be determined is requested. If the organization and company applying for the document are different, they are among the required documents in a contract between them. The trademark registration certificate, which can be found on the product, is one of the documents that must be included in the application documents.

Certain ways must be followed to ensure the continuity of the TSE Certificate:

* Production area analysis is performed to determine whether a network that guarantees the continuity of quality control capability in the production area or not.
* Examinations and tests stipulated by the relevant certification conditions are made.
* If the inspection and test results are suitable for the production area analysis, the TSE Criteria Compliance Certificate with a validity period of one year is issued.

In TSE Certificate renewal and interim examination processes, Interim inspections are applied once a year by monitoring and analyzing the existing network in the production area, product quality inspection network and routine tests. If there is no problem in these annual impressions and examinations, the validity of the document is extended for another year. If the deficiencies are monitored, the deficiencies are recorded in the examination report and time is given to remedy the deficiencies. If the imperfections are not completed within this period, the validity of the document is canceled.

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