TSE COVID-19 Safe Operation Certificate

TSE COVID-19 Safe Operation Certificate The first steps will be taken with this document, which will be presented by TSE, in order to provide the necessary conditions for businesses such as restaurants and cafes to continue their activities successfully, accurately and safely in controlled normalization.

The Turkish Standards Institute (TSE) and All Restaurants and Tourism Association (TÜRES) have collaborated to ensure that cafes and restaurants are in healthier environments, to create hygienic conditions and to implement infection control measures, as part of the fight against the covid 19 epidemic that has recently affected the world. As Ekol Certification, we complete all steps correctly and properly in order to obtain a safe operating certificate for companies. During the controlled normalization process of your company, inspections will be made in TÜRES member restaurants to find the continuity of your activities in the food and beverage sector. In order to obtain the TSE Covid 19 Safe Operation Certificate, the necessary conditions will need to be met.


The Association of All Restaurants and Tourism (TÜRES) and the Turkish Standards Institute (TSE) have cooperated in order to enable cafe and restaurant-style businesses to continue their activities in a hygienic manner in healthy environments and to take control measures. As Ekol Certification, we can provide this document that your company needs, for you as soon as possible. We provide the needs of companies such as production, service and training with our expert consultants. In order to implement new certification systems, you can call Ekol Certification and get support from our company instantly.

In order for companies engaged in catering activities to continue their activities safely, restaurants that are members of TÜRES are expected to have a Safe Operation Certificate. In order to be informed about the conditions and to adapt your business to the conditions, you can contact us immediately through our corporate website. As Ekol Certification, we present you the COVID19 Certificate, which must be obtained for restaurants, cafes and restaurants.


To obtain the Tse Covid 19 Safe Operation Certificate, you can get support from the expert staff of Ekol Certification and get this certificate for restaurants, restaurants and cafes in a short time with our professional and experienced consultants.

Within the scope of the rules determined by the Ministry of Health for the sector, there are the rules, table and seating arrangements that should be applied to your customers, your staff providing valet services, employees in the kitchen, waiters etc. In order to obtain the Safe Operation Certificate that your company needs during the normalization stages, through Ekol Certification, we will provide the necessary conditions in order to make the arrangements in your business in a short time and to continue the activities permanently successfully.

This service offered by Ekol Certification is carried out under the control of official government agencies. As Ekol, we recommend that all companies in the sector obtain this certificate as a result of the research and development of TÜRES together with TSE. You can have the Covid 19 Safe Operation Certificate immediately and continue your activities without interruption.

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