TSE Service Qualification Certificate


TSE Service Competence Certificate is the regulation, activation and analysis of the competence of the work and service of the companies engaged in various works in accordance with the standards. In other words, it is a document showing that the services offered to the consumer comply with the relevant Turkish Standard or criteria and whose validity is 1 year. This document indicates the adequacy of the services to be provided to the consumer and the compliance of the various workplaces with the legislation.

TSE Service Qualification Certificate audits, compliance of the service area with the latest revision of the standard you want to be certified (square meter, height, grounding, electrical installation measurement reports), occupational health and safety, workplace insurance policy, customer satisfaction, vehicle information, calibration and verification information is carried out by examining matters such as employee personal files and legal regulations.

What are the Benefits of TSE Service Qualification Certificate?

* It helps the development of service in terms of quality.
* It reduces the cost and increases efficiency.
* Increases customer satisfaction.
* The customer is protected in terms of price.
* Provides protection of the rights of the customer receiving service
* The quality of the service provided increases.
* One of the terms of the tender is fulfilled for the service providers.
* All equipment in the workplaces are covered by insurance.
* It ensures that after-sales services related to the product are carried out safely.

Companies with TSE Service Qualification Certificate expands their market share, their prestige increases and they stand out among their competitors. With this document, it shows the compliance of the services to be delivered to the consumer with the standards and their competence.

TSE Service Qualification Certificate Process

First of all, it is checked whether the application meets the requirements of the standard by learning the standard and detailed examination accordingly. It is ensured that the process flows from the input of the service to the final output are of a certain standard and quality. Educational knowledge and professional competencies of the personnel working in the enterprise are checked. A list of what the standard wants is created and shared with the business. Quality controls determined by the standard are carried out. Results are recorded and their retrospective traceability is ensured. Periodic checks and tests are provided. After all the work and transactions to be done in the organization requesting the certificate are analyzed by us, it is made ready for TSE inspection. The organization requesting to receive the certificate is analyzed by the TSE auditor or auditors according to the articles in the standard. And if there is no nonconformity during the audit, the certification process takes place. In the service producing sectors, it is a document that shows the adequacy of the service provided by the workplace institutions or organizations and shows the compliance with the criteria prepared by the relevant Turkish Standard Institute and is accredited and valid for 1 year.

TSE Service Qualification Certificate renewal application is made for the TSE Service Qualification Certificate renewal process 2-3 weeks before the expiry date or the TSE service qualification certificate expires. If there is no change in the information on your TSE service qualification certificate (Title-Address) and the scope of the document, an interim check application is made and the TSE Service qualification certificate renewal process is carried out. It is required to apply to TSE (Turkish Standards Institute) for intermediate control applications. Otherwise, your certificate will be suspended at the expiry date of your Service Qualification Certificate. The suspension period is 3 months and at the end of the suspension period, your existing TSE Service Qualification Certificate is canceled and your contract is terminated.

Companies that can obtain TSE Service Qualification Certificate

* Auto services, white goods services, electronics services, etc.
* Public services and companies that make and try to do tenders
* Food, security, cleaning, laundry, landscaping, spraying, etc. service companies
* Companies with legal obligations due to security threats
* Restaurant, bakery, photo studios etc.

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