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You can access all information about Turquality Consulting on the Ekol Documentation website and get expert support for all your questions about Turquality.

What is Turquality?

You are at the right address for Turquality, which is the result of the combination of the words Turkish and Quality. It is the first and only branding system supported by the state in the world. It should not be seen as a certificate or certification system. It is a support program that includes all processes from production, marketing, sales to after-sales services of companies, and will ensure that Turkish products, which will take place in the international arena, have a quality image. Ekol Certification consultants have been working since the project was launched and support companies that want to apply for this program.

Ekol Certification offers you a good process in terms of Turquality Consulting and we present all the tricks within the program and what needs to be done in the market countries where your products will enter. We stand by all companies that aim to apply for Turquality. We offer our consultancy services in completing the preparatory phases and achieving all corporate transformation activities quickly. You can get Turquality Export Supports Consultancy offers from our company for your brand programs and Turquality programs to progress and be sustainable in the maximum way.

T.C. on Branding and Turquality Support You can click here to review the content on the Ministry of Commerce website.

What is Turquality´s Purpose, Vision and Mission?

The main purpose of the Turquality program is to ensure that the products produced by Turkey are accepted under competitive conditions in the world, and to achieve the potential of branding in the sector. It is aimed to control all processes and to manage the services in every field from production to sales in the best way. It is aimed to strengthen the positions of the brands that will be included in the program, to process the processes of opening the products of the brands to the international market faster, and to create images of the quality of Turkish Made products in different countries. With this program, branding awareness will be achieved, there will be a fast export process and it is desired that Turkish goods can be sold comfortably in foreign countries. It will be sufficient for all companies that want to take the necessary steps for this purpose to benefit from our consultancy services.

When we look at the Turquality Program Vision, the effort to create 10 world brands in 10 years is at the forefront. All supportive steps will be taken with Ekol in order to create your brand and provide the necessary conditions in order to achieve the relevant vision. It is aimed to keep the brands of our country strong in the global market and to increase the exports of Turkish goods by gaining a better position. Join the program to strengthen Turkey´s products and the country´s reputation.

Ekol Certification offers its services with its expert staff in the field of international certification. It is possible to get information and support from us for a solution to all your document and certificate needs.

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