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The company you are looking for UKCA Certification Services Consultancy is here! Ekol Certification is among the largest CE certification bodies in Turkey and continues its services successfully with its expert staff for the most demanded UKCA certification process consultancy in recent years, within the scope of the consultancy services it offers.

Within the scope of the European Union (EU) New Approach Directives related to the Use of the UKCA Mark to Offer Goods to the Great British Market, UKCA processes have started to replace the CE marking of companies located in the EU and Turkey (including those located in 3rd countries recognized by the EU). It will not be possible to send products to the domestic market of England, Scotland and Wales without the UKCA marking of these products, which are within the scope of almost every item with CE markings. For this reason, we provide consultancy services related to this issue, which affects exporters in Turkey, and ensure that the certification stages for your products are completed in a short time without any problems.

What is UKCA Certificate? Where is it valid?

It is called the UK Ce Certificate. In order for your products to have free circulation rights in the countries of Great Britain, it is required that the UKCA marking has been made and that these products comply with UKCA standards. For every product that must have the CE mark, the UKCA mark and features are sought in this market. Within the scope of the law that came into force as of the first day of the first month of 2021, it is possible to evaluate all products in this market within this scope.

ATTENTION: Until January 1, 2023, it will be possible to use CE marking instead of UKCA in these countries. However, starting from January 1, 2023, the UKCA mark will be required for all products offered for sale in the domestic market. You can also get support from our Ekol Certification company so that your products that you send to these countries are in compliance with current legislation and laws.

The UKCA document was created when the UK country, which was included in the Brexit process, left the European Union. This system is actually very close to the CE marking system. However, since England, which left the EU, needed to reveal this system that is close to CE regulations and issues, it has completed its stages with the latest regulations. We are able to provide conformity assessment processes and product certification services all over Turkey with our consultants who have full knowledge of all the requirements in order to obtain the UKCA certificate. For brands that want to have the UKCA mark, we can offer our services at maximum quality within the scope of declaration of conformity management.

Similarity of UKCA Certificate and CE Mark

The requirements and declarations of conformity of the CE mark, which will be included in the products that will have the CE certificate, are almost the same in terms of UKCA. The procedures involved are generally the same for CE marking and UKCA. Businesses must have a UKCA certificate in a short time in order to be able to sell their products in the UK domestic market. With the consultancy service you will receive from Ekol Certification, you can have the UKCA certificate in a short time.

It is possible that this sign product was developed in the UK market, it is within the scope of the legislation requiring ukca sign, and those who have the mandatory 3rd party conformity assessment can use the UKCA certificate before 2023. As of January 1, 2023, UKCA requirement will be sought for all products in this market.

Some Known Rules in UKCA Marking

* The UKCA mark must be placed on the product to be sold. If there is no suitable area for the product, it can also be placed on the packaging and product documents.
* It is important that the UKCA mark is indelible and at a visible angle.
* With the UKCA mark on the product, a declaration that responsibilities have been taken will be given.
* UKCA marking is only valid for the countries of England & Scotland and Wales.
* The use of the UKCA in a way that may cause misunderstanding is prohibited.
* It is forbidden to use different signs that will affect the visibility of the UKCA sign in the area where it is applied.
* If there are regulations related to the product, the UKCA mark should be included.
* The minimum size is 5mm.
* UKCA logo color is changeable. It is possible to use in desired colors according to the product.

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