VDE Certificate

The institution of Electrical, Electronics and Information Technologies institutions in Germany is called VDE. With the emergence of many technologies, the VDE institution participates in many activities around the world in order to enable new ones and to develop security standards together with them.

It is a system developed for products related to electronics, electricity and information technologies in Germany. In VDE, firstly, there are some tests and standards related to electricity and electronics. Every year, 100 thousand products are tested in VDE. In addition to electrical personal household appliances, many of the information technologies need these tests in order to continue their activities well and smoothly in our daily lives. To date, more than 200 thousand products on average have the VDE Mark in the world.

VDE Certification Organization

The VDE Organization ensures the highest safety standards in Germany, with the aim of promoting institutions and taking part in a better climate for innovation between nations. In VDE, engineering programs are studied and new technologies are always encouraged within the scope of a wide standard. VDE is very important for combining scientific activities, industry standards and testing processes on products.

Working at the VDE, safety standards demand the correctness of standards and regulations in electrical and electronic products. OFFENCACH, a testing and certification institute, continues its activities based in Germany. In Germany and elsewhere, electric toothbrushes, electric stoves, washing machines and similar products must be certified. The presence of the VDE mark means that the product exceeds the highest safety standards.

What are VDE Documentation Standards?

It was founded in 1893 by the German Society of Electrical Engineers. It continued its operations under the name of VDE Test certification in 1991 and finally continued as VDE Global Services GmbH in 2003.

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VDE 0860
Security applications for home use and similar grid-connected electronic devices and their accessories

VDE 0700
Safety of electrical household appliances and similar purpose tools

VDE 0550/0551
Commands for transformers

VDE 0160
Electronic devices to be realized in the creation of the power system
VDE 0113
Electrical installations with electronic devices
VDE 0105
Creation of power systems
VDE 0100
Commands related to the installation of high voltage systems with rated voltages below 1000 Volts.

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