Vegetarian Certificate

Thanks to the Vegan Certificate, you will take a very important step towards international recognition. Vegan Vegetarian Certificate appeals to a very important segment. More and more people in our world are on the path to becoming vegan every day. This situation, which has become a strong current, has many positive effects on human health. It is on the radar for many people due to its increased energy supply, low amounts of obesity problems, desired cholesterol levels and the developing digestive system. To give examples of vegan - vegetarian foods, it is also possible to get the protein that people need with beans, nuts and grains. In addition to these, people can access minerals, fibers and vitamins with green leafy vegetables, tomatoes, citrus fruits and root vegetables.

International Vegetarian Union (IVU)

Founded in 1908 to support veganism around the world, IVU is among non-profit institutions. In this institution, which is headquartered in Germany, it is aimed to consume products obtained from plants, dairy products, eggs, products with or without honey. Consumption of products made entirely from plants in order to provide the best benefit to animals and the environment is related to Veganism. It is a situation that does not support the use of any animal product.

Vegan and Vegetarian Certificate

Vegan certification can be obtained for products manufactured by companies that continue their activities in order for people to be in a healthier and better living environment. Ekol Certification reaches you with an experienced team that will provide the best services in this field. It is known that companies with a vegan certificate are one step ahead of their competitors, with their products protected, their brands protected. In order to provide confidence to your consumers, you can apply to Ekol to obtain the Vegan Certificate. As a matter of fact, Ekol Certification can provide many laboratory services related to the vegetarian certificate and can perform the necessary tests related to your products.

How to Get a Vegan Certificate?

If you are involved in activities for vegan nutrition culture and you want to get service for your products, you can get service from us. There are supporters of this culture around the world, not only for food, but also for cosmetics and other products. There are those who inspect, register and control the entire market whether the products are manufactured in accordance with the vegan criteria in this area. You can get service from our company so that your registration activities can be concluded successfully.

You can apply to Ekol and receive our offers in order to obtain the vegan certificate. Necessary controls and audits of your business will be carried out after reaching an agreement within the scope of the contracts that will be submitted to you as a return to the most appropriate offers to be received from Ekol Certification. Thanks to Ekol Certification, which is one of the companies where the control and inspection process is the fastest, visual and experimental methods related to your products and productions will be passed, and then compliance status determinations will be made. After the positive results of your inspections related to the vegan certificate, the certificate will be delivered to you in a short time.

Vegan certification can often be available to you in just a few weeks. The elimination of nonconformities, if any, can only prolong the process. If you want to achieve successful results from vegan document inspections, you can call Ekol Certification immediately.

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